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MasterZ “Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies”

1,000,000 Euros for 500 scholarships worth 2,000 euros as a prize to Generation Z, the most digital ever.

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In detail:

500 scholarships

50 hours Master Blockchain & Digital assets LIVE streaming

30 hours Team Project Work

10 international guests

5 hours Networking

1 final examination

 Disrupting the Tech Gender Gap 
50% men 50% women 

1,000,000 Euros for 500 scholarships worth 2,000 euros as a prize to Generation Z, the most digital ever.

Are you the right candidate?

Passion and vision for the future are the skills that we are looking for.

MasterZ “Blockchain and Digital assets” is a business oriented educational training program, completely free (500 scholarships available) in LIVE STREAMING lasting 3 months that enables you to have a clear 360° view of the Blockchain technology and of the world of Digital Assets.

The Master course is addressed to UNDER 28 coming from any educational background (Economics, Marketing, STEM, IT and humanistic studies).

We consider Blockchain technology a strategic weapon that has to be used in an adequate and responsible way, you need to have a throughout understanding of technology to apply it and use it properly.
The best of the know how in the master degree Blockchain & Digital Assets designated to the Generation Z, the most digital ever.

Once you complete the Master degree course in Blockchain & Digital Assets you will be able to seize the opportunity of this market, directing your career towards the industries’ leading companies or starting your entrepreneurial activities. MasterZ “Blockchain and Digital Assets” transfers the know-how to identify the best blockchain structure to operate on, based on the identified applications of your future company and on your next customers.

At the end of the MasterZ “Blockchain & Digital Assets” you will be able to:


Define when and how to use the Blockchain technology in your business field.


Lead your organization and/or your clients through the process of Blockchain adoption and digitalization.


Design the logic and operation of dApps (decentralized applications).


Create efficient process that involve the use of smart contracts.


Select the kind of blockchain to use for specific applications and sectors.


Do an accurate due diligence on cryptocurrency/token based and or Blockchain based projects.


Anticipating trends in the market.

Accelerating World Wide Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain Hard Skills

Blockchain skills are among the most complex to learn, but they are the ones with the higher potential. From Game theory to cryptography, from software development to project management, all together they allow you to seize the opportunities in a trillion dollar market that impacts many industries.

Growth ecosystem

Talent, training and community. Many acceleration and incubation paths are planned at the end of MasterZ, both with partner companies and in-house.
Each talent that comes in contact with MasterZ has a unique chance to network with current and future actors of the Blockchain sector in a stimulating environment. The best talents are here, with vertical skills in the Blockchain field.

Mass adoption

In the MasterZ course in “Blockchain & Digital Assets”, 250 girls and 250 boys under 28 will focus on this technology for 3 months. This is just the beginning of the Blockchain adoption both professionally and as users. It’s a big step to bring this technology to everyone’s reach, starting from 500 talented youngsters in the Italian territory.

Where is the Talent community of MasterZ from

Our talents come from the most prominent universities of Europe. They are PhD, Master students and young game-changer that perceive Blockchain technology as a tool to change entire sectors, from finance to green economy, from smartcities to a new version of a fully decentralized world.

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    MasterZ Worldwide Project

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    candidates for MasterZ

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    • Blockchain

      Introduction to Blockchain technology and focus on the
      main Blockchain networks used for business applications.

      Introduction to Blockchain

      • Origins of distributed ledgers and evolution in chain of blocks
      • Cryptography and private/public keys
      • Differences between permissioned and permissionless Blockchain
      • Blockchain nodes
      • Introduction to consensus algorithms
      • Blockchain fork: hard fork e soft fork
      • Oracles, what they are used for and how they work

      Bitcoin Blockchain 

      • Logic and how it works
      • Bitcoin Blockchain protocol
      • Consensus algorithm
      • Proof Of Work and mining
      • Native cryptocurrency: bitcoin
      • SHA 256
      • Bitcoin transactions
      • Bitcoin addresses
      • Timestamping and notarization: practical case study

      Ethereum Blockchain 

      • Origin of Ethereum and EVM
      • Logic and how it works
      • Ethereum Blockchain protocol
      • Ethereum hard fork
      • Proof Of Work/Proof Of Stake
      • Native Cryptocurrency: Ether
      • Introduction to Token
      • Decentralized applications (Dapps)

      Blockchain Stellar

      • Stellar Network logic
      • Stellar Network nodes
      • Functioning logics and consensus algorithm
      • How to interact with Stellar Network
      • Anchors and Trustline
      • Native cryptocurrency: Lumen
      • DEX on Stellar Network
    • Smart Contracts

      Main Blockchain in which to develop smart contracts
      used for business applications, limits and advantages.

      Smart contracts on Blockchain Ethereum

      • Logic of smart contracts
      • Paradigm: IF-THIS-THAN-THAT
      • Gas fee and smart contracts costs
      • Oracles: types and examples of business applications

      Smart contracts on Blockchain Stellar

      • Smart contracts on Stellar in theory and practice
      • Tokenization on Stellar
      • Escrow smart contract and multisignature: case study
    • Token and NFT

      Digital asset and NFT, standards and fields of application.
      • Basic logic and NFT creation
      • How to purchase, exchange and store NFT
      • NFT in the art sector
      • NFT in the gaming and collecting sectors
      • Differences between Fungible Token and Non Fungible Token (NFT)
      • Token vs Cryptocurrency
      • Blockchain Network for tokenization
      • Standards token on Ethereum: ERC20-ERC721-ERC1155
      • Token listing: centralized exchange (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX)
      • Off-chain asset tokenization: insight
    • Cryptocurrencies

      Cryptocurrencies classification versus stable
      coin and CBDC, uses and advantages.
      • Cryptocurrencies
      • Stable coin: types and differences with FIAT money
      • CBDC
      • Wallet to store digital assets
      • Wallet custodial vs non-custodial 
      • Wallet software vs hardware
    • DeFi

      The ecosystem of decentralized finance
      and all its applications.
      • Decentralized finance ecosystem (DeFi)
      • Logic and functions of Decentralized applications (Dapps) inside DeFi
      • Blockchain network for DeFi applications
      • Growth of DeFi, use cases and areas of development 
      • CeFi vs DeFi: pros and cons
    • Legal

      Legal tech focus on Blockchain and DLT in
      the national and extra-national borders.
      • Legal framework for Blockchain/DLT
      • Legal framework for Cryptocurrencies
      • Legal framework for token, digital assets and their classifications
      • Legal framework for smart contract
      • Legal framework for Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
    • Corporate use cases

      Focus on most popular blockchain-based
      use cases in the corporate field.
      • Supplychain and asset traceability: food, pharma, logistics
      • Documental tracking/data notarization: banking sector
      • Blockchain Analysis: financial institutions and government agencies 
      • Financial services in the corporate environment.
    • Startup use cases

      Focus on most popular blockchain-based use
      cases in the startup field with its advantages.
      • Sources of funding for blockchain companies: ICO, IEO, STO
      • Analysis of successful funding cases
      • Applications in the startup field: cryptocurrencies exchange,
        centralized finance platforms (CeFi), decentralized finance platforms (DeFi)
    • Final exam

      Presentation of a Blockchain project in front
      of partners, contributors and sponsors.

      In the lessons before the presentation of Blockchain project :

      • Mistakes to avoid
      • When to apply this technology and when it is not necessary
      • How to “draw” a Blockchain Trustless application
      • How to evaluate the quality of a Blockchain project
      • How to set up a Blockchain compliant solution
       We are building something exceptional, every week the announcement of a new Partner or Contributor 
      The Sandbox

      The Sandbox

      The Sandbox is a virtual world based on blockchain technology that allows you to create experiences and assets you can use, own, and sell. The Sandbox is a collection of over 166,464 lands containing a range of experiences such as games, events, galleries, live music, and social hubs. Building experiences in The Sandbox utilizes no-code-needed tools providing anyone with the ability to participate in the creator economy and shape the future of the Metaverse. 

      Primo Ventures

      Primo Ventures

      Primo Ventures is an SGR specialized in early stage technological venture capital, founded by a team with a long experience in digital and a strong entrepreneurial background.
      To date, Primo Ventures manages three funds: Barcamper Ventures, focused on investments in digital startups; Barcamper Ventures Lazio, in partnership with Lazio Innova; Primo Space, which invests in the new space economy.

      Hedera Hashgraph

      Hedera Hashgraph

      Hedera is the only public distributed ledger that utilizes the fast, fair, and secure hashgraph consensus mechanism. Hedera’s decentralized governance consists of up to 39 term-limited and highly diversified leading organizations and enterprises like Google, DLAPiper, Deutsche Telecom, Chainlink Labs and many others.
      Hedera also makes the transaction speed a main strength and, according to the developers, the network will support up to 10,000 transactions per second, with a confirmation time for each transaction between 3 and 5 seconds.



      Algorand, founded in 2017 by MIT professor and Turing Prize winner Silvio Micali, is one of the largest Blockchain protocols in the world that aims to reach the “Future of Finance” (FutureFi), that is, a convergence in a single inclusive and safe model between traditional finance and DeFi. Algorand differs from other Blockchain protocols in that it manages to simultaneously satisfy the requirements of security, decentralization and scalability. This is made possible thanks to a consensus mechanism called Pure Proof of Stake, completely green, which guarantees protection and speed.

      Who we are

      MasterZ is the most innovative ecosystem ever

      AIO Blockchain Lab SRL is the first Blockchain boutique with a unique business model worldwide. We combine 3 synergistic divisions, Software development, Academy and Community.

      We have been working in this field for 4 years to democratize technology, making it available and usable by everyone. Our software is used by +7400 users worldwide in different jurisdictions.

      AIO Blockchain Lab is one of the companies directly selected by “Le Village Parma” by Crédit Agricole, the biggest startup ecosystem in the world.

      Alecos Colombo

      Alecos Colombo

      “This is the most requested hard skill in the international job market as reported in the Linkedin 2020 Report and we make it accessible to 500 young Italian talents”.

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